17 Oct 2013
October 17, 2013

You Tube Optimization

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Videos mean a lot these days. For example consider a beginner who would like to learn, how word press works. What does he adopt? It is definitely through a video available in YouTube which is the easiest and quickest way to learn. We can also be sure that any topic under the sun, has a video in YouTube to learn about it. Hence it is better that we concentrate on videos also to gain more traffic.

You tube probably has became one of the best videos exhibiting website creating their own niche, all over the world. There are many other video distribution sites, but the popularity YouTube has is completely, due to the tons of information it has in all categories.
You tube SEO

The various other video submission sites, which gives you good ranking in terms of SEO include:

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YouTube submission from SEO point of view.

Videos are easy to make rather than writing huge content. One more advantage in videos is that they can hardly be spammed and they also do not face any indexing problems. Just follow the guidelines when producing a video, and you are done!!


You tube SEO



  • Keyword research for the topic of the video is always a good idea to start with.
  • When producing a video, make sure that you definitely use a Meta title, Meta tag and Meta description. This will help the search engine identify your video faster and also let people know that you take care to update content/videos regularly to the Internet.
  • Use keywords to a minimum extent, remember that YouTube is also a Google product, Google crawls even you tube, if there is an over keyword stuffing.
  • Always make the video settings Public so that it becomes accessible to all public. You can check this before producing it.
  • Make the video with high resolution and good clarity.
  • It is always a better option if you provide voice overs. This will give the viewer a clearer idea of what you are trying to say. And accent the voice in accordance with the audience, whom you’re targeting.
  • If you target the Europeans you can follow their accent, by using various voice tools available online.

For example: you can make use of spokentext.net

  • Make list of all the views, likes and comments. And improve from the suggestions received for your video.
  • Always fill the complete details when producing your video that include category, brand, location, time, people involved in the video etc.
  • Do Edit and re-check the video a few number of times before producing. Avoid pauses, blank screens while making videos, there are a number of video editing tools available.

For example: Camtasia, Power Director, Windows Movie Maker.

  • Always reply to the queries or comments posted below your video.
  • Adding related links to your present video always encourages the user to view your other videos.
  • Use polite phrases and keep beginning and ending callouts to make the video more interactive.
  • Always use call to action Tags or Titles.
  • Don’t forget to tag your site URL to the video, if the video is some way related to it.
  • After producing a video make sure you publish it, or share the video URL in social networking sites to increase the video traffic. Try posting in Google+ and face book which adds more value to the views indeed.

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