09 Jan 2014
January 9, 2014

vtVisualizer… Beta Access available

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Dear vtiger enthusiasts,

As you have been following us from the past few days, we have worked very hard to make vtVisualizer work till here. Now we have been able to release a beta version in our own server.

We have given access to all our important clients and inquiries. We have installed vtVisualizer beta in a clean vtiger install and not modified any other interface. We are now able to make the default vtiger demo data useful to generate line graphs, donuts, pie graphs, funnel graphs and bar charts. The beautiful part of it is you can customize even the finest details of these graphs.

You need not be an expert at graphs and calculations. The simpler and intuitive interface which is very much like vtiger makes it easy for all users to be able to generate useful visualizations from their existing data.

Moreover, if you have historic data, you can import into our tool when it is ready and is in release version.

What more? Write to info@vtigress.com for free access to beta version

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Recap of vtVisualiser introduction for all those new readers here!!

vtVISUALIZER is a unique tool on vtiger CRM to allow the user to create data visualization from the reports created in the vtiger CRM 5.4. vtVisualizer co exists with your vtiger CRM reports functionality and enhances the power of your CRM reports by enabling you as a business owner to make strategic decisions. Hence vtVisualizer plays a very key role in identifying and deciding what ways work for the business and what not and this is based on the data visualization that it provides.Let us see how to use vtVisualizer for your business. As you can see, vtVisualizer installs on any customize or non-customized CRM and does not interfere with any other plugin or module. It forms itself a part of the Reports standard module and modifies only the reports module code.


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