26 Dec 2013
December 26, 2013

vtVisualizer ..an Introduction

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Hi all

While you are enjoying your vacation we are dishing better products with better features for you on your vtiger CRM. With our intelligent tool vtVisualizer, we want to enable you to effectively drive your CRM and its extended operations by maximizing your data-driven decision making capability, thereby increasing the overall performance of your business

You can DZine various performance analysis reports based on your data which will assist you in informed decision making.

Salient features of vtVisualizer

  • Runs on vtiger 5.4 with any kind of previous customization
  • Use your own, existing data to produce more meaningful charts which represent your business and drive your business decisions
  • Works with native vtiger Reports module
  • All chart/graph dimensions are fully customizable
  • Module Manager compatible

BOOK YOUR COPY NOW by claiming access to fully featured demo login in our server instance!!

Our existing vtDZiner customers, iDZiner customers and Portal DZiner customers, get a discount on the price when we release it during the new year 2014…

We are committed to improve your vtiger CRM experience and enable you to innovatively drive your business with success.


Warm regards



Here are some of the sample visualization treats produced by our tool.

Enjoy Visualizing!!!!

sample bar sample broken pie sample donut sample funnel sample line

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