1. What system requirements do I need to have vtVisualizer installed?
To install vtVisualizer, you need to have the following system configuration:
OS – Windows ( version 7 or higher) or Ubuntu/Linux (version ccc or higher).
HDD – 80GB
RAM – 2GB or Higher.

2. What are the versions with which vtVisualizer works?
vtVisualizer works only on vtiger 5.4.
Make sure that your vtiger5.4 instance has no other customization done on it, because vtVisualizer works best on a fresh instance of vtiger5.4. If you have any customization already done and would still like to keep it, please contact vtigress team at info@vtigress.com to find out whether any research can be carried out on your CRM as a custom development work and whether vtVisualizer can be installed on it or not.

3. Is vtVisualizer available for other versions of vtiger CRM?
No, it is not

4. Does vtVisualizer works with any version of vtiger ?
Yes. vtVisualizer works with only vtiger5.4.

5. I understand that vtiger 6 is round the corner. It may be released any time now. Is vtVisualizer compatible with vtiger 6.0?
No, vtVisualizer works with only vtiger5.4.

6. I already have vtVisualizer How do I install vtVisualizer?
First things first. vtVisualizer works only for vtiger 5.4.0 and below.
vtVisualizer works for vtiger5.4. You need to purchase vtVisualizer from http://www.vtigress.com and use a fresh vtiger instance without any customizations and then install vtVisualizer on it. For any other queries or details please email us at info@vtigress.com.

7. What if I get a white screen after I install vtVisualizer?
The main reason might be due to wrong way of module creation or relation building or else you can simply mail us at info@vtigress.com with the error screen shot, our team will guide you to fix it.

8. How do I delete a module using vtVisualizer?
It is not advisable and recommended to delete a module in vtiger. However, sometimes it might cause due to the inconvenience.
We have provided a feature to do so and we also advice you to use it with caution. This feature is built-in the latest version of vtVisualizer. Check with info@vtigress.com for more details.

9. What/Who is vTigress? How are vtVisualizer and vTigress CRM different?
vTigress is our version of vTiger CRM and vtVisualizer is our tool that works on vTiger 5.4.0.

10. What are the features of vtDZiner?
You can DZine various performance analysis reports based on your data which will assist you in informed decision making.

– Runs on vtiger 5.4 with any kind of previous customization
– Use your own, existing data to produce more meaningful charts which represent your business and drive your business decisions
– Works with native vtiger Reports module
– All chart/graph dimensions are fully customizable
– Module Manager compatible