We are proud to announce Visualiser. We are happy to announce another addition to our plugin list. This plugin is specifically designed and built for Vtiger 6.x and Vtiger 7.x.

This plugin allows the users to generate Multiple Chart Reports based on complex scenarios and tag them to the dashboard as a widget. 

vtVisualiser allows yours to build an array of graphical reports such as 

  • Pie 
  • Chart 
  • Donut
  • Scatter
  • Radar
  • Polar
  • Bar 

Visualizer for vtiger crm

And many more, with all these charts the user can build and see the results updated automatically when the records are updated. The features of vtVisualiser are as follows 


  • Generate Custom Graphical reports 
  • Create Dashboards using the graphs generated 
  • Generate reports for any module i.e. default or custom. 


  • Module Manager Installable 
  • Customize the graph as per your needs 
  • Compatible with vtiger 6.x and 7.x 

Please Contact us for more details


Team vtigress


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