14 Dec 2013
December 14, 2013

vtVisualizer…a Foreword

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There are three types of lies; lies, damned lies and statistics. (Mark Twain)#5

Data Visualization#3, a modern business/IT jargon word, has its roots in pioneering work, more than 700 years ago.#1 There is also suggestion, (entirely mine for now)#2 that it was a secret weapon in the arsenal of scientists who used it to derive the basic laws of physics and nature. It is a diagramming of the data and its characteristics, as well as the arithmetic/statistical computational results over the data and data ranges.#4.

Data is now available literally at the click of a button in this age than ever in the human history. Still finding the answers to effectively take decisions and answers to our immediate questions, based on data, is still a challenge for many. There are better tools and more advanced technology, one may feel. But in the end what matters is effective presentation. This again, is a matter of your choice of presentation, colors, choice of graph etc – which forms the human side of presentation of data. Viewing the infographics in the newspapers, magazines and electronic media, makes us jealous of how some one could take the raw numbers and deliver a visually appealing graphic that makes total sense of the intent and portent.

In the game of DV, there are two actors, the Visualizer(s) and the Viewer(s). Viewers come from a variety of backgrounds, and are not a homogeneous group.

A Data Visualizer has a great responsibility towards rendering data that is easily comprehensible to the Viewer(s) group. A Data Visualizer draws knowledge from multiple disciplines, mathematics, statistics, graphics and presentations towards the art & science of DV.

Thus, Data Visualization(DV hereon) provides the Viewer a quick and easy to assimilate view of the numeric and other statistical information.

Modern enterprise applications have created large databases, and Vtiger CRM is no exception. However, it did not have an easy way to construct visualizations on Vtiger database information beyond the 21 charts built in to the out-of-the-box Vtiger.

DV is not a trivial task, and requires on the part of the Visualizer ( as opposed to Viewer), a great degree of responsibility to accurately choose the right representational model for the DV, as well as the report construct to be used to generate the base report data from the master/mother database(s).

Using Vtiger Reports module as the means for generating the base data for DV input, vtVisualizer(tm), provides Visualizers, the necessary GUI tools to rapidly design visualizations that could be used within the context of dashDZiner, and within the context of reports output as well. vtVisualizer(TM) allows you to unleash the power of your data and get more from your data within vtiger.

vtVisualizer is available for Vtiger 5.4.0 (as a Module Manager installable zip file), and will be available for Vtiger 6.0 from the GA release onwards ( Jan/Feb 2014 or at the earliest as released by vtiger).

With our intelligent tool, we want to enable you to effectively drive your CRM and its extended operations by maximizing your data-driven decision making capability, thereby increasing the overall profits for your business.

Discover the HUGE opportunities lying in your data (BIG data or small data!).


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