25 Jan 2019
January 25, 2019

vtUsers++ for Vtiger CRM 6.x /7.x

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With the increase in the Online attacks, any Enterprise CRM login has to be secure which enables protection of confidential data of the enterprise for which users have to be authenticated more efficiently and Vtiger open source lacks the feature and out of this need comes “Secure Login”  also know as Users++ a new offering from myEnterprise BizAutomations the certified partners of Vtiger for Asia and Africa regions.

Secure Login is a solution for Vtiger open source users for authenticating their users secure and efficiently. Once enabled for a specific instance with Secure login the administrator of Vtiger CRM can enable the users login authenticated by these following methods

  1. IP Authentication:- Enables users to login only via specific IP’s
  2. Password Authentication:- Verifies User password and blocks user access if wrong password is entered.
  3. Login days Authentication:- Enables users only to login on specific days of the week.
  4. Login Timings Authentication:- Enables users only to login during specific time period of the day.
  5. IP, Login, Password, Days and Timings Authentication:- This allows users to be authenticated simultaneously for all scenarios.

Unless your existing vtiger is heavily customized, our plugin works with almost any kind of customized vtiger instances.
For specific cases please write to sales@vtigress.com


  • Secure Login for all users.
  • Set individual rules for Individual Users.
  • Receive Email notifications for any failed login attempts.

Please Contact us for more details


vTigress Team 

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