28 Dec 2018
December 28, 2018

vtTargets for Vtiger CRM 6.x /7.x

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“Targets”  an offering by myEnterprise BizAutomations the certified business partners of vTiger Open Source CRM. The vtTarget module in vTiger CRM allows Organizations to monitor sales performance of the sales team. It also generates sales performance reports which help to spot on divergences if any. The target module gives a summary of all targets achieved and balance. The targets can be monitored by the Sales Head via an intuitive dashboard or precise reports for a week, month or an year.


  • You can set sales targets revenue-wise for any time window i.e. weekly, monthly or yearly targets.
  • You can set individual sales person wise targets.
  • You can see the targets achieved & pending for an individual sales person or the entire sales group for tenure that target has been set for.
  • You can rework & delete a respective sales target in the Targets module.

vttarget for Vtiger crm


  • Freeze, track and observe sales targets for your organization and sales team members respectively.
  • Scan your revenue progress.
  • Monitor & administer the sales performance of your organization, agents and sales people.

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