Hello my fellow vtiger developers, vTigress(myEnterprise a Certified partner for vtiger open source CRM ) team has an exciting update for you. Today we would like to tell about a new vtiger plugin i.e Super Admin that helps vtiger developers in bug fixing and also helps system administrators

vtSuper Admin helps the developers to login to a specific user using a single user id and password enabling them to maintain user privacy i.e. without using the particular user credentials, upon login the developers can understand and reproduce the error that the specific user has been facing which gives them the hands on experience of the bug resulting in a quick resolution of the bug.

With vtsuper admin, the administration team also can login to a specific user account and access required information with proper authorization.


  • Separate Login URL for super admin
  • Login to any user account without the usage of their credentials
  • Login to Admin and non admin accounts


  • Module Manager compatible
  • Works with vtiger 6.x and vtiger 7.x
  • Get hands on experience on the issue a particular user is facing

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vTigress Team 

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