Mini Tabulation

Hi Vtiger Community, myEnterprise( Certified Partner of Vtiger Open Source CRM ) is proud to add another plugin to its feather, it is the Mini Tabulation.

vtMini Tabulation helps you to create multiple home page widgets with the functionality of present the sum of the record count based on Two picklist values in a particular module.Example a user can define a mini tabulation for number of opportunities based on lead source and opportunity stage. That is he will be able to view number of opportunities for cold call and in decision stage.

By this the management will be able to verify the statistics on the fly without generation of any kind of a report.

vtMini tabulation in VtigerFeatures

  • Create home page widgets for any module based on picklist.
  • Works for any module i.e. Custom or Default.
  • Create Widget based on Picklist values in a filter.


  • Module Manager Installable
  • Works with customized CRM

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vTigress Team


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