27 Apr 2013
April 27, 2013

vTigress CookBook – Foreword

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We are passionate about the value open source applications bring to your business in terms of cost benefits, support, customization and stability. We are keen to bring out the best of one or more open source applications by integrating the base vTiger application with the customer specific application.

We bring to life easy recipes for all your customization requirements in vTiger. Our customizations are impressive and save the user a lot of time and energy in terms of improved usability and increasing productivity in your business.

Our vTigress is enhanced vtiger (base version 5.4.0) PLUS many modifications and enhancements and hence the purrfect mate for vtiger. The level of our automation of customizations is a match to none. The client customizations happen in just a jiffy.

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Team vtigress

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