Dear vtiger enthusiasts,

Here is some cheer for you. We are releasing vtiger Customer Portal Handbook which consists of two parts. One, where the developer will be able to add any custom module to the Portal and enable it there for editing and other, a compilation of many issues from vtiger Discussions with our analysis and solution.


Psst……We are still doing things for vtiger5.4 because we still have many client inquiries for vtiger5.4 customization. We also believe that vtiger5.4 CRM is quite stable in terms of data handling, migration and integration. While we do customization services on vtiger6.1 and develop more products on it, we still support and promote vtiger5.4 🙂


Here is some sample code from the book.



Eleven modules from the CRM , viz. Accounts, Assets , Contacts, Documents , FAQ , HelpDesk , Invoice , Services, Products , Project , Quotes are supported in the standard distribution. The content of these folders is discussed in greater detail in the next section.


  1. php, main entry point for the system and acts as dispatcher/controller for inbound urls. All other scripts redirect back to index.php/login.php, if there is no authenticated user
  2. php, contains all the settings for the portal operation
  3. php, nusoap interface setup, called from index.php
  4. php, called by index.php when a user state is not authenticated or session has expired
  5. php, called by login.php to communicate with CRM for login authentication
  6. php, handler for Forgot Password feature, called from login.php
  7. php, contains the distributed version number of the portal
  8. php, Portal User Settings feature support script


  1. css, portal syle sheets
  2. include, all utils and 3rd party PHP libraries and support script


Another sample piece of code goes here


The implementation of the Customer Portal uses different database tables to function within the CRM environment. Other tables are not used here. Please refer to the appendix for the complete list of the tables.

The tables that are to be updated here are customerportal_tabs and customerportal_prefs.

Table vtiger_customerportal_tabs


insert vtiger_customerportal_tabs set visible=1, sequence=14, tabid=18;

Table vtiger_customerportal_prefs


insert vtiger_customerportal_prefs set tabid=18, prefkey=’showrelatedinfo’, prefvalue=1;

Tabid highlighted here, is for the reason that in case you wish to use another module with a different tabid, that can be simply substituted here.


All said, the Handbook Part 1 – Compilation of Customer Portal Issues ebook is FREE for any vtiger enthusiast.

Please email for your copy NOW.

You can purchase the Handbook – Part 2 – Building your own Customer Portal by an email us.


Happy portal DZining!!

vTigress team

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