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Here is the user manual for our quick import plugin for Purchase Order  module of vtiger.


Vtiger CRM by default does not have the import and export option for inventory records. Hence the vTigress team started out by making a tool for importing and exporting inventory records. As a byproduct of this, we were able to create what are called quick import plug-ins for Sales order, Purchase order, Quotes and Invoice module on vtiger.

Presenting the Purchase order quick import plug in for vtiger5.4 that imports the mandatory fields and handles error records also.


  • Works with vtiger CRM5.4
  • PO Import is a quick import for Purchase order records
  • vtiger5.4 compatible
  • Module manager installable
  • Simple import of all records with the click of a button
  • Error handling of bad imports 

 PO (purchase order) Quick Import installation

  • Go to the vtiger instance and login with the specified credentials.

    vtiger installation guide

    vtiger admin page

  • The home page is as shown below. Go to CRM settings in the right corner and click on module manage.

    vtiger user manual

    vtiger Instance Page

  • Now click on custom module and then click on
    Import new.

    user manual for vtiger

    Settings page

  •  Now go back to home page and click on “More” and choose “Purchase order” from the list. Now it redirects to screen below. Then you will see a “PO Import” button available for importing PO records.
    vtiger installation guide

    Import a Zip file.


  • As shown in the picture click on „PO Import‟ button and import an excel file with purchase
    order module records which contains only mandatory fields.

    vtiger installation guide

    Choose an excel sheet

  • Confirm the import of the excel file

    vtiger installation guide

    Conform the Import

  • When it is a good import file, the results will be as shown below. All records are fine without any errors.
vtiger installation guide.

Verify the recorded imports.

  • This screen shows a bad import file with error records, which is not approved in the CRM hence colored in red
vtiger installation guide

Check the error records.

  • Now refresh the page and see all the correct records imported on the screen.

    vtiger installation guide

    Refresh the page to see correct records imported

  • To download this guide, please use this link – vtiger installation guide

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