Almost got the import to work except for a few glitches here and there.

Tried to make the GUI as simple and as neat as possible so that it mainly copies the default vtiger look and feel.

Here, the searched records as well as the selected records can be exported.

Currently the Export works by copying master records in the first sheet of the excel file and the item details in the second sheet.

Some code and exceptions caught, help files updated and we should be done to release it to the buyers.


Have always wondered why did vtiger not give the Import Export feature for Inventory modules.

Seemed very logical to be able to import and export sales records with item details and records ids neatly put in excel like looking sheets.

Recently had an inquiry for the same who asked only for Sales Order module.

Was not able to focus on anything else till I cracked it.

Now, after 4 days, I got the Import and export to work… though I started with sales order, now I am able to import and export records using all inventory modules Sales Order, Purchase Order, Quotes and Invoice.


Will soon make it available as an installable zip file for buyers in our website

Inquiries  welcome!!

Please Contact us for more details


Team vtigress

Happy Importing/Exporting……

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