SalesOrder Quick Import plugin available now!!….

Dear vtiger enthusiasts,

As you must have been waiting, we have tested and packaged the SOQuick Import plugin which imports all mandatory fields of SalesOrder and also takes care of erroneous imports.

Please see a related video here


You can email for more details



Yes, as promised, the finer details are worked out and the SO Import custom function is ready to be rolled out.

As you saw in the previous post, the screens are saying that the SO Import function will install itself as a button in the Sales Order module and is available for quick import of sales order records.

Quick recap of the features

1. SO Import is a quick import for Sales Order records

2. vtiger5.4 compatible

3. Module manager installable

4. Simple import of all records with the click of a button

5. Error handling of bad imports

What more could you ask for?

Please email for more….

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