Dear vtiger enthusiasts

Owed you all an update for a long time now. Just missed this last piece of this series of article.

Been able to package iDZiner really well. Some of you may also be tempted to ask ‘Why vtiger5.4 compatibility now when vtiger 6 is already released’?

True, vtiger6 is released. But his is not an enough motivation for all to move to vtiger 6 when there are heavy customization in their vtiger5.4 and vtiger.4 is quite stable for that matter. What is tempting could be only the UI which is definitely attractive.

iDZiner is for all those who do not want to lose data for all their inventory transactions and would like to see all of them in one place.

iDZiner now is fully vtiger5.4 compatible with import export feature for inventory records and works like a breeze. I have made sure that the native code for inventor modules is least disturbed and interfered with.

iDZiner installs itself as a module manager installable zip file and adds two buttons next to the database pagination buttons.

You can import your database records into the inventory modules Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Order and Sales Order of vtiger5.4. iDZiner will handle the mandatory fields and optional fields and map accordingly.

But we may not be able to guarantee that the exported records of iDZiner can be input into the vtiger system again just for the simple reason that the mandatory fields may not have been selected always


  • iDZiner imports and exports all inventory module records
  • Works with Quotes, Inventory, Sales Order and Purchase Order modules
  • vtiger5.4 compatible
  • .xls, .xlsx, csv and .xml formats supported


If you need any more clarifications, please mail with a sample of your data and we can tell you if iDZiner will be useful for you or not.

Mail us for a price quote on iDZiner and we will be happy to answer you.

Best regards

vTigress team

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