Blank screen in import of records of inventory modules used to make me blank too!!

Well, not anymore…I think I have cracked it.

The truth is that it is indeed taking more time than I anticipated because of the sheer complexity of user inputs in terms of choosing an input file for imports.

I feel, there are at least 3 things in the inventory modules to be taken care of and if not the import is surely going to bomb.

Let us take example of any inventory module.

1. There are some mandatory fields in inventory modules which are required to be present in your import fields list. These fields if not present during import will not let the import to continue and there by show a blank screen.

2. Whenever there is a UI type 10 field or reference field and that is not taken care in the import records(these are the related to fields with a + sign next to it), and this value is absent in the import record, then this will also give error. Again, a white screen.

3. When there is a picklist field in the module and you try to import a record with a value that is not present in the picklist, this will also give white screen.

So, now it is up to you the users who wish to see real imports or just the white screen?

Watch this space for more updates on Import/Export module……..

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