As they say, ‘the initial 80% of any task’ is not as uphill as ‘the next 20%’ of it. The perfection takes time!!

I could complete most of the features to get to working and this import one took more time than I initially envisaged. I have not used the native vtiger buttons, instead chose to use the Import and Export button that I created myself.

iDZiner: Sales order screen with Import/Export button

iDZiner: Sales order screen with Import/Export button

Now import is possible if all the vtiger mandatory fields are handled properly. Else, the records are handled as an exception and the user is allowed to either discard, abort the import etc.

Export to Excel and Export to XML is also possible now.

A bit of fine tuning on the import is pending.. A little more of the help text added and we are good to go!!

Some of our customers are already beta testing the code

Whilst I have taken care that this code does not interfere with any other existing customization of vtiger, any specific case can be handled separately.

Inquiries welcome!!

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Team vtigress

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