While working on the Import export module for vtiger inventory modules, got a chance to work on a unique requirement which had only sales order records to be imported.

The request was that the client had a website where a web form was installed and he had to import certain set of records through that sale into the CRM. The product would already be present in the CRM and this module would only add the records for which the product was already present. If the product was not present, the import function needed to handle such cases as an exception and prompt the user to go back and try the product updation in the CRM first and then come back and try the import again.

Here is the screen shot related to that.

sales order screen3


This will import Sales Order records into the Sales record module and handle the exceptions as well as shown below.

sales order screen4


Neat little function which will not interfere with any other exiting customization in your CRM.

Want more details?

Please email sales@vtigress.com to know more….

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