WinRAR is a tool used for compression. One of its uses is to compress one or several files together to reduce the size of the files for storage or transfer. WinRAR can compress the files in either ZIP or RAR file format. The WinRAR program may also unpack or extract files with a ZIP or RAR file format from the Internet.


It attempts to reduce the size of a file by reducing the amount of redundant information contained within it. For example, if the file contains a string of characters such as “xorpushpushpushmovmovxor”, WinRAR would compress the string as “xor [3]push [2]movxor.” Compression such as this is known as lossless compression. Another type of file compression is lossy compression, which employs techniques such as rounding. For example, if a file reads “2.98323425”, rounding would simply display it as 3. Lossy compression cannot be reversed, and is only employed on file types in which file integrity is not critical. For example, in photos, most of the information is beyond human perception. Reducing the clarity of the picture by 25 percent is still out of the spectrum of human detection.


There are many benefits to using WinRAR over WinZip. WinRAR uses highly advanced compression algorithms which can be adjusted to use lossless or lossy encryption methods, and also has the ability to break up a compressed file into sub-files. Sub-files are smaller segments of the original file which can be reconstituted by WinRAR upon decompression. Sub-files allow for greater convenience in file by many email services. WinRAR also has the ability to create self-extracting archives. Self-extracting archives can be extracted without requiring the recipient to have WinRAR installed, so long as the host computer can meet system requirements.


WinRAR cannot reduce the size of every file type. In particular, file types such as photos or music do not include many strings of redundant code and are therefore hard to compress using lossless algorithms. However, this does not mean a photo cannot be compressed using lossy algorithms such as rounding; even photos can be compressed at a slight loss of quality.


As WinRAR offers the end user the ability to choose among the various compression methods, a user may choose to apply lossy encryption on, for example, an EXE file. This can result in the EXE malfunctioning, or simply not functioning at all. Likewise, using lossless compression on a file that cannot be reduced with lossless compression will have a negligible effect on the file. Users must be cautious and educate themselves on the compression techniques and learn to use the most effective technique for the file they are attempting to compress.

This is where you download winrar:



WinRAR is able to open, extract all the other popular archiving formats in other operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD or MacOS but you will have to use the command line interface. It has a graphical interface but only for Microsoft Windows. It`s small and very stable.



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