When you are a developer, that too in open source technologies, it becomes very important for you to code with maximum compatibility with all popular browsers. Safari is undoubtedly a very popular browser. So, here we introduce the features of Safari and the importance of compatibility of your vtiger applications with Safari.

More about Safari…….

Safari is an Apple’s product which is included with Mac OS X and iOS.

It works with Icloud across Ipad, Mac OS X, I Phone, Ipod touch. It does spell check and does much more that what a normal web browser does.

Web pages can be scrolled through without desktop interruptions.

Multi touch gestures like Tap, Swipe, Scroll and Browse are all inbuilt in this application.

Reading list acts as a formal book mark in other browsers.

Thumb nails of your favorite websites are put across to you graphically well designed as frames. This way you can see your desired site locations at a glance.

It’s a very secure application. All the websites you visit are all stored safely and are not available to exploit.

It blocks the third party cookies so that the websites you are looking into are safe.

You can also ask the websites you visit not to track you online.

Some of the notable special features which they claim to possess are:

  1. The capability to save webpage clips for viewing on the Apple Dashboard.
  2. Provision to resize the web search box in the tool bar which allows choice among the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  3. Cache saves data and auto fills the web forms.
  4. Book marks are integrated with the browser.
  5. Password management functionality is built in.
  6. History and Bookmarks can be traced.
  7. Text boxes can be expanded.
  8. Inline PDF viewing is possible of course only on Mac OS X.
  9. Mail and IPhoto integration is also provided for Mac OS X only.
  10. Private browsing facility can be availed
  11. Pop-up ads can be blocked.
  12. To view uncluttered version of Web articles, reader mode is made available.
  13. Spell Checking can be done.
  14. Supports HTML5, CSS 3 web feeds, CSS animation, Transport Layer Security protocol (version unknown)
  15. Tabbed browsing is supported.
  16. Text can be searched without hiccups.
  17. Many new features are being incorporate with every release of a new version.



Now, what has Vtiger got to do with Safari?

It is presented to you here to let you know that this browser can be used to download Vtiger on your PC.

You can download your favorite templates using this browser.

More info: http://www.apple.com/in/safari/what-is.html

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