As a developer we all have the need to illustrate an image, record a thing or two, show something to our colleagues etc. This makes our life easy as a programmer and a tester. Today we will learn how to use one such tool called Jing which will make the life of a vtiger developer easy by helping him in his daily tasks.

Classified as one of the digital learning tool, this tool Jing from TechSmith is one of the best products from their stable. When you live in the online world, you need to converse with fellow netizens and this Jing helps you do exactly that. It helps you converse with your colleagues and friends easily by sharing images and short videos. Moreover, it is FREE to download!!

With Jing you can

1. Capture images of what you see on your screen and annotate it. You can use arrows, colors, highlights and boxes to put across your point.

2. You can also record what you want in a defined area of your screen and share this video. You can choose to narrate a tutorial or similar of upto 5 minutes

3. Once you are done with your image or video capture, you can share this with your friends/colleagues within the online world. Jing makes this available to you as a link uploaded to

So, as a vtiger developer now you can share all the details of the java script error, brilliantly working ajax call, auto-populating fields an much more with Jing.


When installed Jing rests on your desktop as a small sun like image as follows.

Jing Image

This makes it very easy to access at all times You can drag and drop the sun to any other corner of your desktop and it will faithfully remain there till you decide to move it elsewhere.


Here is the download link for Jing.

Enjoy Jinging….


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