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Hello Vtiger Community, As a team we are here to say that we have a new offering that is Gridview also (GridDziner).

With the Grid Dziner the users can add Excel Type Blocks to any module within Vtiger CRM( Standard or Custom) as per their choosing. In Gridview of the selected module the users will be able view the Grid with ability to add multiple rows of data.

Grid View

The fields within the grid can be added as per user choice, The field types allowed for a grid are as follows

1) Text
2) Date 
3) Decimal
4) Email
5) Phone
6) Picklist
7) URL
8) Text Area
9) Currency
10) Checkbox
11) Time

User can “Enable Sequence” via  a button i.e. ON/OFF, When ON the sequence will be turned on for that particular grid. The user can add a Grid from Vtiger Settings –>Other Settings–>vtGridDziner Settings. 


  • Supports all standard & custom modules
  • Add any number of Grids in a module as per your choice. 
  • Auto resize of the grid as per the Vtiger Page Layout. 
  • Report Module Compatible 
  • Add up to 8 Columns within one Grid
  • Add Assigned to field for every row in the grid


  • Module Manager Compatible
  • Compatible with standard & custom VTiger fields
  • Compatible with Vtiger 6.x and 7.x 

Please Contact us for more details


Team vtigress

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