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Hello vtiger enthusiasts, myEnterprise Team a certified business partner for vtiger CRM( Open Source) has an exciting update for you, we have developed all new field calculation plugin for vtiger called field formula which is compatible with vtiger 6.x and vtiger 7.x.

Vtfield formula extension enables users to perform complex calculations for any module of vtiger i.e. Custom and Standard in real time without the need to edit the entire record.

The user can define different type of calculations for fields within any standard or custom vtiger modules, the different type of fields calculations that the user can perform are

  1. Addition
  2. Subtraction
  3. Division
  4. Multiplication
  5. Concatenation for string fields
  6. Time Differentiations
  7. Date Field Calculations (add dates, subs dates, date difference calculations)

field formula

  • Module Manager Compatible
  • For any fields in vtiger( standard and custom)
  • For any module in vtiger( standard and custom)
  • Real-time field calculations.

This is our way of showing to you that myEnterprise team is committed to vTiger CRM services and customers. myEnterprise core team is working on many initiatives to establish vTiger CRM as one of the most sought after CRMs in the market. We will keep you informed about the new updates.
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