02 Jul 2013
July 2, 2013

vtDZiner raps! with Vtiger 6

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Been waiting for this from very long…

Posted this in vtiger forums already..

now for the RoW(Rest of the World)……

rap(1) : a form of music with a rhythmic background and smart vocals about high achievements and expectations
(adapted from definition found at http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/rap+music?s=t)

rap(2) : rapid application prototyping, an innovative extension to framework systems, that deliver fast and useful results in business context deployments

Greetings Bwanas and Bibis!

Vtiger 6.0 is a radical transformation to the historical application design pattern followed so far. From the earlier split up MVC, the present implementation is a vastly better MVC representation.

Without delay, I express kudos to the Vtiger leadership and team on bringing the new look all around. They have persevered long and hard, and have an excellent future hereon, and this bodes well for those of us who have hitched our wagon to the vTiger star. There will be snags and all snags are fixable. There are community requests that are great features to have. More importantly, for those who follow, the Vtiger framework, has the best potential to be a lightweight framework for SME noFuss ERP.

The new UI of Vtiger 6.0 needed to be complemented with a equally improved offering. Now presenting, vtDZiner with inForm DZiner, a WYSIWYG model of DZining module enhancements with minimum key strokes and no needless form / module loading. ( For the classical enthusiasts, the extension to the built-in Layout Editor UI pattern based vtDZiner mode is ever available ).

The inForm mode, has minimum run time overhead and can be switched off to be totally non intrusive and contributing zero overhead in a production setting. Check out the video here to see how easy and intuitive the inForm DZiner mode is !

A preview of this is targeted for early next week. As soon as Vtiger releases the development library, it will be available as a module manager installable.

Some screen shots of inForm DZiner in action are at



The Classic vtDziner views are available here




vtWorkbench is a future plan for complete visual modeling of modules and cross module functional expressions in the CRM/ERP implementation as well as bringing to the user a full rapid implementation environment exploiting all the in built features and allowing for easy extensions to make the application more in tune with the users business context and eliminate hacking at the code.

A review of people’s wish lists, and to boot the recent discussions on what is a generalised tax model , is just that !! A need to be very very flexible. Each tax administration has their own rules, lookup tables, ad valorem, tax is paid on list rate and not sell rate, etc etc.
What is needed is to put in the users hands the ability to specify and build such needs for their own instance. I am sure with the excellent input given, we will have this feature soon.

vtWorkbench, may seem a tall order, but in my mind something certainly accomplishable.

We thank all the Vtiger community for their continuous support and encouragement. We also thank our clients who so kindly purchased vtDZiner to date and provided excellent feedback to us.

Best Regards,

Chief Shikari,

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