03 May 2013
May 3, 2013

vtDZiner Preface

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Hi vtiger enthusiasts and vtDZiner users,

I thought I should tell you why we started to develop vtDZiner. Though it is true that initially (more than one year ago) we distributed vtDZiner as a freeware for previous versions of vtiger, we were not able to sustain that model thereafter. This was mainly because we slowly began to be flooded by paid customization requests by many buyers and vtiger loyals. Moreover, some money would surely help the developers, the support for vtDZiner users and the management of the tools/infrastructure required to spread the word about vtDZiner.

Hence, presenting to you the vtDZiner preface…..


vtDZiner was born out of need to be able to easily extend various components of the vTiger framework and make it easy to use for business analysts who could deploy open source CRM in a variety of scenarios. The dearth and cost of PHP programmers, and general impatience on the part of end users, makes for more expensive solutions over all. These simple tools will help the common business analyst be able to develop extensions on the core CRM and map on new business processes onto the vTiger Framework

An internal need to build custom modules for vTiger started it all.  The most common extension to vTiger which was felt needed was the ability to elegantly create a module that would plug in to the framework effortlessly. This simple usage of the built in vtlib functions thru a GUI frontend led to need of building inter module relationships using the Module Manager infrastructure. Re-organizing the default menu was the easiest, and a blessing to those who went on a module designing frenzy, with the new tools.

Enhancing the Layout Editor for some ergonomics and UI type selections on fields, along with an older visualization by Joe Bordes on the forge, produced an enhanced Layout dZiner.

The journey has been fun. Heartfelt thanks are due to the community and the vTiger team, for all the support and feedback, and some timely guidance received. We have made good progress, but today, we discover that there is a lot more to be done. We are also extremely grateful to the paying customers, who helped feed the programmers for this cause.

The response was very encouraging, in terms of filling the development bridge between Business Analysts and End Users, without the need for programming or development effort. Subsequent suggestions and initial weaknesses were overcome and thanks to the whole community.

The feedback given, encouragement and shelter were the bedrock for this effort.

vtDZiner is dedicated to all of them.


That was straight from the heart.. Howzzat…?

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