vtDziner for vtiger CRM

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vtDziner for vtiger CRM(vtDziner Modules)

vtDziner is an enhanced module dziner giving users the ability to design modules, create custom relations between modules and other unique features such as Panels, Pickblocks, Pickfields, Buttons, Alerts, Headers and creating new custom field types such as youtube, google maps, excel like tables etc. Being a enhanced module designer vtDziner allows users to customise the standard modules as well as per their needs.

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Relationship management(vtDziner Relationship)

In vtDZiner we can customize the relationship between any two modules. With the relation dziner you can add parent and child relations between modules enabling the users to add related records within a particular record.

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View customization & Field attribute management(vtDziner Layouts)

The layout DZiner is used in the creation of custom blocks and fields for new custom modules as well as existing modules. These provides you with the option to create new fields/blocks enabling user to choose from an array of enhanced field types which are unique to the vtDziner tool such as QR Code Generator, Barcode Generator, Google Maps Field, Google Maps Auto Complete etc and also to change the placements for these fields and blocks within a module.

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Pick blocks, Panel blocks & Extended UI types (vtDziner Views)

Our vtDziner extension has extended UI types and View Customization such as Panels, Pickblocks, Pickfields, Buttons, Alerts, Headers as follows:

  • Pick Blocks allows you to show or hide blocks on any record view in all respective modules.
  • Pickfields allows you to show or hide fields on any record view based on picklist value selection.
  • Buttons helps you sort field updates via popups in the summary view
  • Alerts allows users to receive notifications automatically i.e. triggered via workflows to remind you about tasks, events and record updates etc.
  • Headers in vtDziner are fully customisable icons that users can select type of icon, color and define different field labels chosen from respective modules. The color and the icon really help the user to see it right away.

Panels blocks are here to manage data. These panels will organise multiple blocks into different panels according to the user’s preferences

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vtDZiner has made them possible, such as

  • Custom Modules in Customer Portal
  • Webforms to Custom Modules and other native modules
  • Minimum navigation between modules for various features etc
Comfortable with
  • PHP Version :- 5.5 or later
  • mySQL Version:- 5.6.30 or later
  • Apache Version:- 2.2 or later
  • Vtiger Versions:- 6.x and 7.x

Note: For installation on customized versions of vtiger. Please get in touch with us so we can analyze your system for compatibility.

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