18 Dec 2019
December 18, 2019


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1. What system requirements do I need to have vtDZiner Studio installed?
To install vtDZiner Studio, you need to have the following system configuration:
OS   – Windows ( version 7 or higher) or Ubuntu/Linux (version ccc or higher)
HDD – 80GB
RAM – 2GB or Higher.

2. What is the current version of vtDZiner Studio?
The current version of vtDZiner Studio is 540

3. What are the versions with which vtDZiner studio 540 works?
vtDZiner studio 540 works only on vtiger 5.4. Make sure that your vtiger5.4 instance has no other customization done on it, because vtDZiner works best on a fresh instance of vtiger5.4. If you have any customization already done and would still like to keep it, please contact vtigress team at sales@vtigress.com to find out whether any research can be carried out on your CRM as a custom development work and whether vtDZiner can be installed on it or not.

4. Is vtDZiner available for other versions of vtiger CRM?
No. It is not.

5. I read in vtiger forums that vtDZiner1.2 is free and is available for free download. Is it?
Previously vtDZiner1.2 used to be free, but now we no longer support it.

6. Does vtDZiner Studio works with any version of vtiger ?
No. vtDZiner Studio works with only vtiger5.4.

7. I understand that vtiger 6 is round the corner. It may be released any time now. Is vtDZiner compatible with vtiger 6.0?
As of now, vtDZiner is not compatible with vtiger 6 because vtiger 6.0 is not yet released officially. Once vtiger 6.0 is released, vtDZiner will also be available as an upgradable version.

8. I already have vtDZiner 1.2. How do I install vtDZiner Studio 540?
First things first. vtDZiner1.2 works only for vtiger 5.3 and below. vtDZiner Studio540 works only for vtiger5.4. You need to purchase vtDZiner Studio 540 from http://www.vtigress.com and use a fresh vtiger instance without any customizations and then install vtDZiner Studio on it. For any other queries or details please contact us.

9. What are the features of vtDZiner?
vtDZiner will mainly help you build modules, change the layout of modules and build relation between modules through fields. vtDZIner features are grid blocks, panel blocks, pick blocks, widgets, drag and drop UI inerface within layout dziner, new UI types (twitter, gallery, video, attachment), view dziner, child and parent relationships between modules with optional reciprocal fields.

10. What are the current modules available in vtDZiner540U?
Module DZiner, Layout DZiner and Relation DZiner are the different modules available in vtDZiner Studio 540

11. What if I get a white screen after I install vtDZiner?
The main reason might be due to wrong way of module creation or relation building or else you can simply mail us at info@vtigress.com with the error screen shot, our team will guide you to fix it.

12. How do I delete a module using vtDZiner 540?
It is not advisable and recommended to delete a module in vtiger. However, sometimes it might cause due to the inconvenience. We have provided a feature to do so and we also advice you to use it with caution. This feature is built-in the latest version of vtDZiner. Check with us for more details.

13. What is the current price of vtDZiner?
The current price of vtDZiner is 350USD +5%PayPal fees, total 367.50 USD

14. Can I resell vtDZiner in my country within my leads?
Yes, you can resell vtDZiner. Please contact us for more details.

15. How do I become a reseller for vtDZiner?
You can become a reseller of vtDZiner by getting into an agreement with the vtigress team. Please contact us for more details.

16. What/Who is vTigress? How are vtDZiner and vTigress CRM different?
vTigress is our version of vTiger CRM and vtDZiner Studio is our tool that works on vTiger 5.4.0.

17. Can I move the fields up and down using Layout DZiner?
Yes, you can move the fields in each module using Layout DZiner. However, the order of tab is not yet changed.

18. Can I build relations in vtDZiner designed modules?
Yes, you can build relations. Make sure you follow the rules as given in the documentation

19. Why are all the products (like chart DZiner, Cockpit DZiner) listed in your Products page but not available for sale or built in vtDZiner?
The other products mentioned in our Products page are under development and should be released soon. We will keep all our customers posted on the developments in this regard and offer them a reasonable discount if they are interested to buy.

20. Do you provide vTiger development training?
Yes we do. Please contact us for more details and rates.

21. Do you help clients with maintenance and support contracts in vTiger CRM?
Yes we do. Please contact us for more details and rates.

22. If I am not using vTiger and wish to migrate from other CRM, will you help?
Yes we can. Please contact us for more details and rates

23. What is vtDZiner Activation key? When do I use it?
vtDZiner activation key is the one which you would have got in your initial mail from purchases@vtigress.com. You use your vtDZiner activation key to initially activate your single user license of vtDZiner .

24. What is vtDZiner Reset key? When do I use it?
vtDZiner reset key is the one which you would have got in your initial mail from purchases@vtigress.com. If your vtDZiner registration key fails for some reason, you can use reset key to start using your vtDZiner system again.

25. When will my vtDZiner registration fail?
Your vtDZiner registration will fail only in one of the following cases. If you kill the instance without deactivating vtDZiner, Your Firewall/hosting service provider does not allow to do so. You have used the vtDZiner system wrongly. Please contact info@vtigress.com for help.

26. What if I pay more / less than the actual price of vtDZiner?
If you pay more than the specified price for vtDZiner, we are happy to refund you using PayPal after deducting any charges applicable or you can buy any custom development work or any maintenance service contract for the difference amount. If you pay less than the specified price of vtDZiner, kindly pay the difference as soon as possible so that we can send you the download link to the code and the related documentation.

27. Whatever Functionality implemented in vtDZiner, is it available for Standard Modules?
No, it is possible only upto some extent.

28. Why am I Getting Blank Screen after Custom module Creation?
Module is not created properly or the field is not created in database. There must be some special characters in module name or field name. Once you delete the special characters through coding, you can fix the white screen, Deleting the module and recreating correctly also helps.

29. Are special characters are allowed in field names?
No, they are not allowed.

30. Is Vtiger + Asterisk Integration Possible?

31. Can we clone modules using vtDZiner?
No, for this we need to do some customization in the code.

32. Can I Import & Export Data from Inventory Modules using vtDZiner?
No, there is a separate new module avaialble for that. Check with info@vtigress.com for more details. iDziner is available for Import and Export Data from Inventory Modules

33. What is iDZiner?
iDziner is available to Import and Export Data from Inventory Modules at a price. Contact us for more details.

34. Do you have any Blog?
Yes, you can visit blog.vtigress.com.

35. Can we delete relations in Standard modules using vtDZiner?
No, it is only possible for new relations in Custom Modules.

36. What is your Hourly Rate?
Please approach us at sales@vtigress.com.

37. Is Image Gallery available in vtDZiner?
Yes, it is available.

38. Is Image Gallery available for Standard Modules?
No, We need to do some customization on the code to do so.

39. I get this error – Record you are trying to access is not found Go Back
There is some problem with the Fields creation in Custom Modules. Fields creation don’t allow special Characters (.,-{ }()_@#$!*).

40. How can we know whether vtDZiner is installed properly or not?
The Orange icon beside Layout Editor indicates that vtDZiner installation is fine in all modules.

41. How can we know whether vtDZiner is failed?
You can’t see the Orange icon in all modules beside the Layout Editor. That means vtDZiner is not installed properly. Following might be one of the reason :
The files are not copied properly from modules/vtDZiner/resources/540/.* to Rootfolder(vtiger/).

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