10 Aug 2016
August 10, 2016

vtDigiSign for Vtiger CRM




Digi Sign for my fellow vTiger enthusiasts.

We have always enjoyed inventing new tools for fellow developers and users making their life easy. So today we are here to share about Digi Sign a new add-on/ tool  that we built for vTiger 6.x. Recently a customer requirement came up where we have successfully developed the digital signature add-on/tool on vTiger CRM 6.x.

Digi Sign Business case:

The Client is actually running a highly customized vTiger CRM, wherein each module was intended for a specific purpose. The client needed digital signature field for their vTiger CRM platform. As part of their quality assurance and control they would need to know who has approved or generated specific tasks such as Quotes, Sales Order, Invoices etc.

Our approach on Digi Sign:

In vTiger CRM we have developed and integrated a plugin which enables the user to capture their signatures.  Upon the perfect implementation of the plugin we created a new UI type for vTiger CRM. With the new UI type the user can create the digital signature field for any module of their vTiger CRM. Now with our implementation of digital signature the client is able to add their digital signature field to the desired modules.

Once enabled for a module, the digital signature field will be visible as


After the user adds his signature


When the record is saved the digital signature can be seen in detailed view of the record

digital signature 5

By this way we have achieved the addition of digital signature in vTiger CRM.

Please Contact us for more details

vTigress Team

9 Responses to vtDigiSign for Vtiger CRM
  1. Hi.

    I would be interested in implementing this new UI Type for use in our customers. Is it compatible with version 6.5 and version 7.x? Can you tell me how to do it to buy it?

    Kind Regards and I wait for news.

  2. does this work on any device and on vesion 7.2.0 of vtiger?

    • Hi Marco,
      We are happy for your enquiry.vtDigisign works on vtiger version7.2 and it works on chrome and Firefox browser on any device

  3. Comment *Hello! Vtdigisign works on version 7.x vtiger?

  4. Hello, I think this is what we’re looking for. Do you have a trailversion for test?

  5. Good day. We use PDF Maker, so this module is compatible? Pdf documents designed with pdf maker can include this field too? Thanks in advance for help 🙂

  6. Can this module handle multiple signatures and workflow? My application requires up to 3 signatures.

    Sending a document from one person to another and then storing the signed copy to the contact.

    Please let me know if available.


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