Ultimate tool for data generation within vtiger 6.2 modules

gggg, hhhh, asdasd, test, demo, demo123, abc@test.com – All these sound familiar?

To vtiger developers, definitely these may sound familiar. Because, for long, developers have felt the need for realistic test data. Most get by by reusing production data, which in an in-house testing situations works well. For those developers, who dont have such access, public domain data sources or self generated sources )

In my search for realistic data during my entire development experienceI have foundhttps://www.briandunning.com/sample-data/ as a good source for inexpensive data about persons.

I also stumbled upon http://www.generatedata.com, which is an excellent site for generating basic data.

 For Vtiger CRM, to test functions over large data sets, and across modules, just people data into Leads, Contacts and Organisations was not enough. It is also necessary to have Invoices, Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Calendar and other necessary CRM module data.

This led to the necessity to develop a tool that would work within the CRM and generate accurate data from a basic set of data.

Thus is born, vtDataGen.


  • vtDataGen generates realistic and Vtiger CRM compliant data with randomized and user specified values.
  • Currently available for vtiger6.2.
  • Sample Data can be created for all important modules like

Users,  Leads, Contacts,  Organisations, Vendors, Potentials

Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders

Projects / Tasks / Milestones

Tickets, Assets, Calendar


  • Have all modules filled with randomized real looking data which is derived from base data
  • All developers can bring in more reliability in their development and testing efforts.
  • Developers can schedule data to be populated at fixed intervals or set it up as cron
  • Extremely useful for generating real looking data for over a period of time or a fixed time interval
  • Available for most of the significant standard modules


Note: Custom modules data generation is planned to be user configurable.

Mail info@vtigress.com for more info…

Happy Data Generating….