28 Dec 2018
December 28, 2018

vtCRM Analyzer Plugin for Vtiger CRM 6.x

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Hello my fellow vtiger developers,

vTigress team has an exciting update for you. Today we would like to tell about a new vtiger plugin that helps the vtiger administration team which maintains two or more vtiger instances simultaneously.

Use Case:

One of clients maintains multiple vtiger instances for his and his client usage. He had to monitor the usage and availability of all instances.To address this, we have come up with the vtCRM Analyzer tool. The plugin is vtCRM Analyzer, With this  the users can monitor the usage of his various other vtiger CRM instances which are being operated. The admin user can monitor users, record counts, modules used.

We are also developing additional functionality to the CRM Analyzer where the users can link their Nagios account to the vtiger CRM enabling them monitor the server status from the vtCRM Analyzer module and receiving sever status directly in their vtiger CRM.


  • Monitor multiple vtiger instances
  • Monitor Users and other modules of multiple vtiger instances from single vtiger instance
  • Monitor different vtiger version instances from the front end of your vtiger crm


  • Module Manager compatible
  • Works with both vtiger 6.x and vtiger 7
  • Helpful in reporting

Please Contact us for more details


vTigress Team 

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