28 Dec 2018
December 28, 2018

vtCRM Analyzer Plugin for Vtiger CRM 6.x

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CRM Analyzer



Hello, fellow developers working with vtiger. A interesting update has been released by the vTigress team. Today, we’d like to explain about a brand-new vtiger plugin called CRM Analyzer, which is useful for the team responsible for managing several vtiger instances at once.

CRM Analyzer Use Case:



One of the clients maintains multiple instances of Vtiger for himself and his clients. He had to keep an eye on how everyone was using and using the instances. We developed the vtCRM Analyzer tool to address this. It is called vtCRM Analyzer. With this, users may keep an eye on how their various other running vtiger CRM instances are being used. The admin user can keep track of counts and modules used, as well as users.
Additionally, we are adding features to the CRM Analyzer that will allow users to connect their Nagios accounts to Vtiger CRMs, allowing them to view server status information through the vtCRM Analyzer module and receive server status information directly in their Vtiger CRMs.


CRM Analyzer Features:

  • Monitor multiple vtiger instances
  • Monitor Users and other modules of multiple vtiger instances from single vtiger instance
  • Monitor different vtiger version instances from the front end of your vtiger crm

CRM Analyzer Advantages:

  • Module Manager compatible
  • Works with both vtiger 6.x and vtiger 7
  • Helpful in reporting

Please Contact us for more details


vTigress Team 

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