31 Jan 2020
January 31, 2020

I am a fan of the Team. 30-Jan-2020

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My relationship with vTigress/myenterprise.in team began in August 2011, when I needed a vTiger module created for a client. I found ST Prasad as a result of a web search; I talked with ST about my requirements and felt confident this was a good fit. I was on a tight schedule (4 days) at the time and ST made it possible to meet my timeline, with minimal updates to the code.

I have continued working with the team, using their vtDZiner module; upgrades of vTiger versions; development of a XERO private app.

At all times I have been afforded their best efforts for every development request. Their advice on how to proceed for every project has always been clear and their work is solid.

As system environment requirements have changed, the team have been very happy to provide recommendations and assistance where requested.