Social media is all around. Every time there is someone to ask you join some or other thing. But which ones give you lot of exposure and increase your business potentially is the crucial question. If used properly it can be a great resource. You must know to prioritize it so much that it does not engulf you entire personal and professional life.
In short the advantages will be – Social media
1. Gives lot of exposure and keeps you updated.
2. Shows that you are leading in your chosen field of expertise.
3. Shows that you care about your contemporaries while establishing connection with them.
The disadvantages are:
1. Can consume all your time if you are not careful enough.
2. May not be converting your customers into sales.

If you have not started social networking yet, check with all the constraints and then get into it. Be aware of all the threads of comments that you are filling. You should check on which post is really working and which one is not. Too much of self promoting also leads to counterproductive results.

After all, business is all about people. The people and relationships you hold with them is actually the no. 1 ingredient of one’s success. So, networking is top most priority to form relationships, spread the word and keep growing.

How do you evaluate the network you are maintaining into money?
First rate your time. As in from your past experience on building networks by going in person, rate your one hour time as say 100USD or so. If you spend 3 hrs building networks online and make a deal worth 500USD, you are doing good business after all. Gain or Loss is calculated in terms of total number of hours. Make a record of every detail and over a period of time you will know which one is a good investment and which one is not.

The truth is most of us do networking in one way or the other but very few us do it well. This is due to various factors like of skill deficiency and bad planning. It’s not something many people do naturally. Through Social media you can at once learn about many people on the same platform. This serves us to relate to many people than the time when there was no internet.

Some Do’s and Dont’s:
1. Networking sites are not places to sell literally. They are however opportunities to meet and get to know people better to start a relationship. Trying too much on the first event will not do much good.
2. Just listening to the other person’s life to where they are trying to locate themselves will improve interests.
3. Blowing the person with all that you have on the first meet itself can be a big disaster. That attitude may not pay off well. Like you everyone loves their work uniquely.
4. Providing cards like free chocolates is another bad idea. Collecting names and cards is simply waste of time to many. Trying to choose right people is what must be learnt.
5. Following up is another very important characteristic that must be inbuilt. For long term connections memory works really well. Contacting them at the right time will build trust.
6. One should be able to convey their thoughts properly.

Finally, Communication is the key to prosperity of any idea. Communicating the right idea to the right person at the right intensity will do the entire job.

These points are by all practical purposes after having evaluating the survival value of any business.

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