08 Nov 2018
November 8, 2018

Reports Rendering in Vtiger

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The Reports module in Vtiger, brings to the utility of the Vtiger CRM user the real data crunching business information analysis needs in tabular and graphic chart formats. The weakness is the overall UI and information presentation which was begging for some attention.
A bit of simple HTML reorganisation and some tab features added, did wonders to the output interface. Two TPL files, ReportRun.tpl and ReportRunContents.tpl need to be replaced with the files available on our blog, blog.vtigress.com to read more on what the thought and work process was and download the files to deploy in your own Vtiger CRM instance.
As always, check it out on a trial instance. With the usual caveats, I say that there is no problem for the drop in file replacement.
S.T.Prasad, Chief Shikari, vTigress.com

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