18 Nov 2013
November 18, 2013

Reports Improved


Hi all

When I was perfecting the reports code which I shared in my previous post, it struck to me that for a complete reports experience, pagination and search capabilities were the least a user would ask for.

So, now, I have connected the reports output to a jQUery DataTable for better pagination and search capabilities.

Here are the files again


and a related screen shot..

Happy reports DZining!!

Don’t forget to watch this space for ChartDZiner on which I have been spending sleepless weeks now!!!
Keep reading….

Best regards

2 Responses to Reports Improved
  1. Hi,

    I downloaded and applied the patch and doesnt work very well…

    The first view is right and all works but when I change the filter and press generate/save, the report view doesnt work well. You need to do F5 (or reload the page) to view well.



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