As you all know, we have put up vtDebug 0.1 for vtiger5.4 previously in Forums and people have welcomed it and developers have embraced it and made their lives easier and efficient using vtDebug 0.1

Now, when vtiger 6 release is round the corner, we have kept ourselves abreast of the developments and made vtDebug 6 for vtiger 6. This will make the developers life still easier because it not only caters to the LAMP + Smarty + pear database debugging, it also has some third party tools also integrated which will further help you in getting to quicker analysis of the bug.

You can mail for a FREE copy of the vtDebug 6.0 zip file.

It will be soon available in vtiger forums also…

Here is presenting vtDebug 6.0……………………..

You can find it here for download…..

Happy vtDebugging.


Deciphering the infamous blank screen if vtiger is one of the most frequent things encountered by vtiger developers and vtiger enthusiasts. The Forums and the discussions can vouch for that.

Setting up and resetting the control variables for PearDatabase, Smarty, log4php is a botheration when one is developing for Vtiger. One would need to keep those scripts open in a separate window/session and modifying them as needed. Moreover switching between so many windows simultaneously required lots and lots of focused attention – icing on the cake would be an abrupt power/internet failure. All sessions gone, all variables and values lost and along with that the much required focus is also lost.

As a Vtiger developer, after a few hundred iterations, and overcoming the other learning curve challenges, vtDebug 0.1 was released. Still a good tool to use in itself for versions up to vtiger 5.4, I found an opportunity for improvement in that opening up many windows and throwing up SQL statements all over the place. Hence vtDebug 6.0 for vtiger 6.

With the release of vtiger 6, some things have changed, and the chance was grasped to port vtDebug 6.0 over into the new framework and add in some features, that were pending.

vtDebug 6.0 installs as a dropdown menu with a Green Runner icon to the right of the QuickCreate Icon. On clicking, a menu is displayed with the various debugging setting tools.


Overall, thanks to the contributions on StackOverFlow, and other sources, it was possible to make a quick mashup to realise vtDebug.

This is how it will look once installed.

vtdebug main menu

PHP :   php.ini runtime directives and Displays phpinfo() for the server. This opens in a separate tab

phpinfo screen

Smarty Console :        Enable/Disable Smarty console logging.

Opens the Smarty Variable Display as a separate popup window

smarty console on



Smarty Log :  Enable/Disable Smarty console logging.

Writes the Smarty log to logs/viewer-debug.log

smarty console off

smarty console log viewer

smarty console off

Database :    Enable/Disable pear database logging

Sets/ Reset the Mysql commands output to console

All commands are visible for Entity modules in your screen and whichever SLQ is broken

can be easily identified.

PearDatabase debug on

database debug display

Log files :   Sets up log4php debugging

log file debug on

View Logs :      Real time log viewer on saved logs.

Setup log4php logging

Scroll thru the log files output by vtiger, php and mysql and perform minor analyses,

searches etc

This opens up new window and allows the user to read log files in top down or bottom up manner.

The below three utilities are the property of their respective owners and included in vtDebug as a service. Please check the web sites for updates and licensing terms.

phpMiniAdmin :  Quick Database access

A useful tool, very lightweight for quick on-the-fly checks and updates to database


phpminiadmin output

dbDifference :  Compares two databases, for content and schema and provides a  

                         mysqldump of the  results in a separate tab


dbdiff login

AnywhereInDb :   Universal needle search in db haystack

                          Searches an entire database for a specified value


Give the user name and password and login into the database. You can give any text you would like to search in the search box and the results will be highlighted and displayed from all content in the database.

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