Keeping up with our belief in the stability of the product vtiger5.4, we are releasing Customer Portal HandBook for vtiger5.4. Even though we have minimally priced it, the advantages which this little book gives is huge because you are able to build your own portals from the modules of the CRM.

Traditionally the CRM has allowed only a fixed number of modules to be enabled in the portal and that too with minimum access. Here in this book we have explained the steps to make any module from the CRM as a Portal enabled module.

With this there is a lot more that you can achieve.

For example –

  • A Sales Portal for your sales staff who is on the field
  • An Employee Self Service Portal for your employees who can update their profiles and check their leaves, salary calculations etc
  • A Distributor Portal for your products’ distributors who keep track of all the goods, their returns etc
  • A Vendor Portal for your vendors who will update you about their products and the prices
  • A Customer Portal where the customer can see the product getting built in your factory in its phases


Case study

Just to help all the vtiger enthusiasts better, we have elaborated the entire usage of the customer portal with a working example in the book.

The entire code is setup in a server and once you have access to the book, you can check the code working.

Here are a few sample images of the book.







That must be enough introduction for all of you to get an idea about the power and effectiveness of the code contained in the book.

Our existing customers stand to get a discount on the price of the book.

Please Contact us for more details


vTigress Team 

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