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vTigress team has an exciting update for you. Today we would like to tell about a bug that some users of vTiger 6.5 are facing until now. Recently one of our clients was facing an issue with the currency symbol of Indian Rupee. The client in his present vTiger 6.5 CRM system  saw a question mark/blank area instead of the Rupee Symbol. And the aforesaid error was present across all the modules of vTiger 6.5.

As our client is based in India and his financial transactions occur in Indian currency. Thus, he wanted this issue to be fixed ASAP.

We chalked out the issue and resolved it. Actually, the issue was triggered from  vTiger’s database i.e. there was a field type mismatch for the Rupee Symbol in the database  tables that were related to the Currency fields .

With the aforesaid resolution, the client is now able to view the rupee symbol across all the modules of his present vTiger CRM.

Please refer to the screenshot attached below after the resolution.


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