Record Locking


Dear vtiger enthusiast, Record Locking with a timer in vtiger CRM 540 has been a long pending wish from loyal vtiger users on  the forum and the forums/discussions can vouch for that. We did check some of the extensions available on the Internet but did not get the right information.

Based on a customer requirement, derived at the following logic.

1. CRM users pick records to edit from a common pool of records

2. Timer starts and record gets locked for edit for other users who pick the same record.

3. If the first user does no save within the stipulated time for which the timer is set, then record gets back to the common pool.

We have been successful at implementing this logic and it works fine for us.

We have been testing it and will keep you posted with results soon.


Some vtiger files have been modified and some new functions have been written.

Please Contact us for more details

We will be happy to help you.

As usual our existing customers stand to get a discount.

Rush your inquiries to us…

Happy record locking!!


vTigress team

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