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Notifications is our newest extension allowing users to get notifications on their Vtiger Header. With vtNotifications the users can trigger notifications via standard workflows & display it in the menu header upon the completion of a certain task or record update as per their needs, these notifications can be accessed easily by a single click.


These are mainly used to notify the upcoming events/activities, open/closed tickets also for instant notification for urgent matters that help the users in keeping them informed.


Notifications Features

  • It allows to trigger notifications using Standard Vtiger Workflow
  • Notification Count
  • An access icon to view all notifications.
  • Integration settings (turn off/on this feature for specific module)
  • Supports all standard & custom modules
  • Desktop alerts are receiving notifications from all the ways of communication that are displayed outside the page at system level and are compatible too.

Notifications Advantages

  • Module manager compatible
  • Easy to Use
  • Compatible for Vtiger 6.x and 7.x

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