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Quickbooks Integration with vTiger CRM – vtQuickbooks Plugin


vtQuickbooks plugin integrates Quickbooks Accounting / booking keeping software with vTiger CRM. This plugin has a bidectional sync for modules involved in sales and inventory.


Quickbooks Integration with vTiger CRM using vtQuickbooks Plugin

vtQuickbooks is a plugin that enables integration of vTiger CRM and QuickBooks Book Keeping / Accounting Software. Our plugin integrates with the following modules of the Vtiger CRM and QuickBooks.

1) Contacts

2) Organisations

3) Invoice

4) Sales Order

5) Products

6) Services

The synchronization between vTiger CRM and QuickBooks within these modules will be bi directional i.e. the data pulled from QuickBooks and also will be pushed to QuickBooks from Vtiger CRM system. Thus enabling perfect integration of both.

The modules for which the synchronization has to be done can be decided by the end user via a GUI within Vtiger Settings.

vtQuickBooks Features:

  • Sync data from your QuickBooks to vTiger and sync data to QuickBooks from vTiger.
  • Enable the modules as per your needs from GUI.
  • Monitor the synchronization status.

QuickBooks Advantages:

  • Module manager installable.
  • Doesn’t affect any Vtiger Core Files.
  • Compatible for Vtiger 6.x and 7.x.

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