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Project Management Template Creator for vTiger CRM


Project Management Template Creator for vTiger CRM is an enhancement to projects module to create projects with pre defined tasks using a template.

Business case:

The Client is running a customized vtiger CRM, Client has multiple types of projects that run simultaneously in his CRM system. With number of projects and projects types being handled, in the CRM system there had to be a way  to auto create new projects tasks based on the existing projects or project categories.

Our approach:

In vTiger CRM our plugin enables the user to create a project with predefined project tasks with a specified start date and end date for every project task. The users can define the project tasks that will be part of any project in a custom module with start date and end date based on the number of days of that task. The user can assign the order of the project tasks for every project category the project tasks will be created in the specific order defined by the user in the project settings section.

In addition to this, the user can create a project template from an existing in progress or completed project. When using this feature client can template any project i.e. existing for project template creation. Once the project template is created they can use that particular template to create new projects with the defined project tasks.

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