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Modules Builder For vTiger CRM – vtDziner Mini


vTigress team has an exciting update for you. Today we would like to tell about a new Vtiger plugin designed for the calendar module. Which has been specifically designed for Vtiger6 and Vtiger 7


Module Builder for vTiger CRM – vtDziner Mini Plugin

We are proud to announce vtDziner Mini. Which is a miniaturised version of vtDziner our Star Plugin.

With our new plugin vtDziner Mini it allows you to configure the following items for any Vtiger CRM system, with the mini vtdziner the users can


  • Module Dziner: Build new custom Modules for vTiger CRM.
  • Layout Dziner : Add new fields and Field Types for Vtiger CRM.
  • Relation Dziner: Relate Custom and Standard Modules within themselves.
  • Language Dziner: Create new language packs for your Vtiger CRM.
  • With these functionalities users can create modules, relate them as per needs.

vtDZiner Mini doesn’t change any core files of the Vtiger CRM system and it is completely uninstallable.

  • Module manager installable
  • Doesn’t effect any Vtiger Core Files
  • Compatible for Vtiger 6.x and 7.x

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