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VtHide Modules


Hide Unwanted modules for Users in vTiger CRM using vtHide plugin.


myEnterprise(Certified Partner of Vtiger Open Source CRM) is proud to add another plugin to its feather it’s the vtHide Modules.This plugin has been specifically vtiger open source versions vtiger 6 and 7.

The vtiger community knows that modules can be hidden only from the profiles but it doesn’t allow admin users to grant special permission to view or access a specific module to a specific user or group. That leaves a vulnerability to the admins as they have to give access for that particular module to the profile which leads to all the users of the same profile accessing that module.


To address this issue myEnterpise has come with the plugin vtHide Modules which helps the admins to grant access to specific modules to specific users or groups. The plugin also allows the admin users to hide modules from users that have access to that particular module which enables the admin users to restrict access based on the user instead of the profile they have been assigned.

  • Hide/Display modules to users based on need.
  • Works for custom modules .
  • Display or Hide Modules in an instant
  • Compatible on customized CRM
  • Module Manager Installable

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