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Integrate vTiger CRM with Zoho BI for advanced Analytics – vtZoho BI


Integrate vTiger CRM with Zoho BI Tool with the plugin vtZoho BI.  This plugin is specifically designed and built for vtiger CRM.


Integrated vTiger CRM with Zoho BI

vtZoho Bi Integrates vTiger CRM With the Zoho Business Intelligence (BI)  tool. With this integration users can generate Zoho BI Charts using VTiger Database, Any Complex or Simple Widgets can be generated and tagged as dashboards within the Vtiger CRM system.

With this integration the users can generate multiple Charts on the Zoho BI system and sync them to their vtiger instances in a single click. These charts are available for view to all the CRM users on the Dashboard of their Vtiger CRM system thus enabling multiple users to view the required dashboards.

Our vtZoho BI gives you the following features


  • Integrate your Vtiger CRM with Zoho BI Tool.
  • Create Multiple Graphs and display them as CRM dashboards.
  • Sync your Zoho BI Charts with a single Click.
  • Settings section for Account Access within Vtiger CRM.


  • Module Manager installable.
  • Unlimited Dashboard creation based on Chart Sync with Zoho.
  • Compatible with Vtiger 6 and Vtiger 7
  • Compatible with Customized CRM.
  • We are pleased to provide more details on email

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