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Integrate Roundcube Webmail with vTiger CRM – vtMail


VTiger CRM always lacked a full fledged email client.With vtMail we have filled the gap. Integrate Roundcube Webmail with vTiger CRM and access the full fledged email withing vTiger CRM.


vtMail plugin helps you to integrate Roundcube webmail with your vTiger CRM instance.With the integration the users will be able to access full pledged mailboxes within their Vtiger instance.They can use all of the mail box features such as

1) Folder Sorting

2) Themes for mailbox

3) Relation of mails to vtiger

4) Auto Login to Mailbox.

And Much More.

With the vtMail the users can also use multiple identities for a single users i.e. multiple email id’s for sending mails.

The features of vtMail are as follows

  • User specific access based on need.
  • Auto create CRM records for multiple modules
  • Auto Login to Mailbox.
  • Multi identities for a single user.
  • Module Manager installable
  • Full mailbox functionalities
  • Compatible for Vtiger 6 and 7
  • Faster loading time.

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