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VtCalendar Popup-Enhanced Vtiger Events Popup


vTigress team has an exciting update for you. Today we would like to tell about a new Vtiger plugin designed for the calendar module. Which has been specifically designed for Vtiger 6.


We are proud to announce vtCalendar Popup++ .


The vtCalendar popup++ enhances your event display popup to a complete cycle within itself. We have enhanced the event popup to display the desired linked records or to create any record from the desired modules. The user can choose the modules as per his requirement to be displayed in the popup.

The features and advantages of the vtCalendar Popup++ are


  • Works with any view i.e. Monthly, Weekly or Daily.
  • View and Edit Linked Records for that event.
  • Create or Link records related to that event.
  • Set the modules as per your needs i.e. standard or custom.


  • Fully supports standard event functionality.
  • Module Manager installable.
  • View if a record is attached or not.
  • Access the popup from summary or detail view of the linked record.

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