Managing multiple currency exchange rates in Vtiger.

Multi-Currency Support is a feature which supports the usage of multiple currencies in Products, Price Books and other Inventory modules. Currently all currency input for Product, Pricebook or any other inventory module are taken in the currency of the logged in user’s preferred currency. The currency value is converted to base currency of the CRM and stored. So basically base currency of the CRM is used as the reference for any Currency value and all conversions with respect to the User are based on this.   In a multi currency situation for Vtiger users, it is tedious to lookup exchange rates and load them into the CRM Currency settings. vtForexRates addresses this gap. Each service provider has his own way of allowing access to his code system which is called API (Application Program Interface). We need to respect this API with each service provider when we use to interact with his database system and website. Even though overall they work in a similar manner, when it comes to individual service providers they are all different. FREE provider plans will allow you only updating of currency rates a few times per day/per week/per year. A paid subscription will allow you currency rate updation as per your business use   Write to us at info@vtigress.com for more information.