iDZiner 1.0 works only on vtiger 5.4. Make sure that your inventory modules of your vtiger5.4 instance has no other customization done on it, because iDZiner works best on a standard instance of inventory modules in vtiger5.4 (Quotes, Invoices, Sales Order, Purchase Order). If you have any customization already done and would still like to keep it, please contact vtigress team at to find out whether any research can be carried out on your CRM as a custom development work and whether iDZiner can be installed on it or not.

iDZiner works with only vtiger5.4.As of now, iDZiner is not compatible with vtiger 6. In a few weeks, iDZiner will also be available as an upgradable version.

Features of iDZiner Import and export of inventory module records (Quotes, Invoices, Sales Order, Purchase Order).