Portal DZiner5.4.0

Over a period of 5 years of my experience with vtiger, I have noticed that, since its inception one of the most sparingly used modules of vtiger has been the customer portal module. The complexity involved in its understanding of the setup or just the novelty of using it, the customer portal application has always eluded people I have thought. Hence I wanted to demystify the customer portal.

During the process of working with vtiger and mining the forums, I have come across various errors or issues that people face in getting the Customer Portal set up straight. Must confess that  I have never been able to regularly contribute to the forums due to my other priorities.

Enable any standard or custom module from vtiger5.4 for the external world as a Portal. Have your own Sales Portal, Employee Portal and vendor Portals.

Portal DZiner will

  • Give a choice to the users to expose whichever modules they want
  • Helps the CRM user to enable a standard module as well as a custom module
  • works with vtDZiner and without vtDZiner
  • Available as an installable zip file through the Module manager
  • Give the CRM user a choice to have a supplier portal, vendor portal, customer portal and the like
  • Co-exist with the existing customer portal plugin

Will reside in the folder vtdzinerportal.zip within the code files Can be setup within the same server as well as an external server just like the native customer portal

Existing Customer Portal

  • Exposes 11 modules of the CRM based on settings
  • Creates portal login for the contacts who are marked as portal users
  • Code resides in the Customerportal.zip in the files
  • Is the only facility to expose CRM data to any outsiders
  • Can be setup within the same server as well as an external server